JFK’s Allstars

March 10, 2010

I play pool for JFK’s Allstars, a team in the Waterloo Pool League. We used to be called JFK’s Rejects. That was a name given to us by JFK’s first team, simply known as JFK’s. They were, of course, meaning to insult us, but, just like NWA we took the name and wore it with pride. Well, until this season, when our captain, Tony Bailey, decided it was time to get some new whizz kids in and rebrand ourselves as JFK’s Allstars. I feel honoured. A more accurate name for the team would be JFK’s Allstars and Simon.

Oh, and if you’re thinking what’s all this JFK stuff, well, that’s the name of the club we play out of in Peckham. We aren’t, in case you were wondering, linked to the dead President. (I’ve said this before, but it’s worth saying again… JFK’s used to be a snooker hall called Churchill’s. I thought it was clever to change it to pool and rebrand it as JFK’s. Well, it’s called JFK’s because it is owned by John Kelly. I’ve never asked what the F stands for. Some things are best left well alone.)

Mark Christensen, Michael Brown (timekeeping) at Nolan's

The photo above is from our away game last week. We played Nolan’s and won 9-3. Each match is made up of 12 frames. We play 6, stop for a bit of food, and then play the next 6. The food’s important. We all need to eat. Here’s what we had last night for our home match at JFK’s.

Sausages, spicy wedges, chicken nuggets, chips, bread. (I do well out of free meals- tonight I’m off to the BFI Imax at Waterloo to take part in their monthly film quiz. There we get free popcorn!)

Last night we played LSE. Yes, the London School of Economics! We had a good win. 11-1. And I won both my games. Well done me! I was helped in my frame in the first half by my opponent being in Paris. He couldn’t get back in time and so I sort of beat him. I guess I’ll take any win I can get. In the second half I played someone present. It wasn’t pretty but I scraped my way to the win. Everyone else playe  like the starts they all are. As for the frame we lost, well done Rob from LSE and his break dish. This is when a player breaks, pots a ball, and goes on all the way to the black, his opponent not even getting one shot.

Richard Brown

Stacey Redman

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3 Responses to “JFK’s Allstars”

  1. Andrea said

    Nice one! Did you win at the Film Quiz, too?

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Yes Andrea, we did! First out of 17 teams! The prize was rubbish, but were not in it for the rewards, just the smugness of being better than everybody else, for a month, and if were lucky with the questions.We needed you; the picture round was dresses at the Oscars, with blanked out celeb faces. Didn’t do too well on that one.

  3. Andrea said

    Haha! Yesh I would love to come to the next one. Well done!! x

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