Hob Knobs

February 20, 2010

Do you like laughing? If you do and you live near The Hob in Forest Hill why not come and join me and my mate, top notch comedian Ben Norris, for a funny evening of nonsense this Wednesday at 8pm.

Here’s the deal; once a week I visit Ben, Sarah and their lovely triplets for an evening of food, drink and nonsense,  the drink and nonsense taking place once the kids have gone to bed. We sit around the kitchen table, talk rubbish and make each other laugh. As the evening goes on and we drink more, Ben scribbles things down in chalk on their blackboard pantry door. The next day he looks at it and wonders what drugs we must have been on. My favourite bit of scribbling so far… Nosferatu! I haven’t even seen Nosfera One!

The secret of dodgy Chinese dentist jokes- timing

One night we sat around laughing at all the daft things on You Tube. And then Ben said we should do it in a pub, invite people along with their favourite clips and all watch them and laugh, or boo, or whatever. And somewhere along the line this has become a reality.

me laughing

So, we will be at the Hob this Wednesday watching your clips on a big big screen. Come along. Don’t forget to bring a few links with you, or just enough info for us to be able to track them down, and then we’ll play them. It’s as simple as that. Oh, and it’s £3.

Come along and see things like this, recommended to me by Gareth Aveyard. Stick with it, because at first I felt sad, but 50 odd seconds in I started laughing like a goose.

It won’t all be funny animal clips. There’ll be music and proper comedy… well, I say that. It’s up to you. It’s your night. You bring the clips. It’s whatever entertains you.

What? Funny animals? Oh, alright then.

You can find more details here.

7 Responses to “Hob Knobs”

  1. Andrea said

    Can’t wait! But: how do people submit clips? email you the URLs here? or find them on your laptop on the night? xx

  2. Simon Hickson said

    We can find them on the night. We’ll have a sophisticated two laptop setup! However, if you fancy emailing me some in advance that might make our first night go a little smoother. Glad you can come. x

  3. Andrea said

    OK here are three I like – and yes, they are all funny animal videos –

    This is *sort of* an animal video –

    And this is a work of genius –


  4. this one makes me laugh

  5. sorry, that seems to have posted the clip and I only wanted to post the URL. Sometimes technology is too clever for it’s own good.

    The url is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEuGuMnASrI

  6. iamjamesward said

    Gah, I’ve only just spotted this. Don’t think I can make it tomorrow, but will definitely come along if you repeat it at some later date!

  7. Samantha said

    Hope all went well, I bet it was all very funny indeed! 🙂

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