February 16, 2010

I’ve always loved the Angel of the North, Antony Gormley‘s big angel, stuck on a hill, up North. But until now I’ve only ever seen it in passing from a train or from a car. But on Sunday I got up close. Just for twenty minutes. Oh, and I had my new camera with me. Hurray.

angel wing

angel feet



5 Responses to “Angel”

  1. Samantha said

    Fab photos,especially the last one. Especially love the silhouettes of people on the last one. Tiny!

  2. Chris said

    Great sky and sense of perspective on that last pic. I live 20 minutes away from it, and have never found time to get up close although I keep meaning to… You should have said you were up this way, I’d have put the kettle on for you! Try the transporter bridge at Middlesbrough next time you’re passing – excellent photo opportunities.

  3. A.C. Moore said

    My name is A.C. Moore and I just wanted to send you a link to my new book trailer entitled Even Angels Need Miracles. Would you mind checking it out?

  4. Andrea said

    Gorgeous pics, esp the black and white one. Glad the new camera is working out nicely :-).

  5. sgainc! said

    makes the case for good bloggin’.

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