First pics

February 11, 2010

Here’s some pics I have taken with my new camera; a surprising and lovely gift from a very kind reader of my blog. I’m just getting used to it and so far have only used it in automatic mode, but as you can see it takes lovely pictures, even of beer.

Andrea and Samantha requested animals. Andrea, smiling ones. Well, Tess always smiles. Inwardly. Trevor Hickman wanted a tiger. I’ll work on that, but for now here’s a lion. John Southern, Suvvo on Twitter, asked for an empty pint of Timothy Taylor.

I see this as the start of a bizarre project that could last all of a few weeks.

20 year old Tess sits by 2 month old Noah


Glass all full

Glass all empty

14 Responses to “First pics”

  1. Samantha said

    Fab photos! Tess looks so young (and 3D actually!), she is so beautiful. Love the animals, and the empty glass is a great idea on many levels! 🙂

  2. Andrea said

    They’re lovely!!

    Oh, and photographing a tiger might be easier than you thought. It’s Chinese New Year this weekend – and it’s the year of the tiger :-).

  3. Chris said

    Mmmm… Timothy Taylors!

    Great shots… Like the mouse eye view of Tess! How about some paparazzi type shots of Trev?

  4. Trevor Neal said

    I like this photo project idea – but not sure what of kind of photos Chris wants of me – up skirt getting out of car or with shopping bags in a shell suit?

  5. Chris said

    That kind of thing! Hehe… Coming out of tesco in your pyjamas, looking harrassed and threatening towards the photographer etc etc… Simon could even make some cash out of it by sending them to OK or Woman’s Own or something!

  6. Trevor Neal said

    Hey Simon – Chris thinks there’s cash to be made – quick let’s do it!

  7. professoryard said

    Great pictures, Tess is a very cute cat.

    Can you take a photo of something older than Mankind?

  8. Trevor Neal said

    Like one of our old Going Live! scripts, Professor?

  9. Simon Hickson said

    ha! I look forward to doing some paparazzi style pics of Trev, maybe go for the upskirt one, showing a bit of undies as he gets out of the car.I’ll work on the older than mankind one too Prof.

  10. Thanks Simon

    Trevor: I bet your Going Live scripts are fresher than a lot of the guests.

  11. Ted said

    Blimey – Tess looks great for 20 years old. One of ours died last week at the age of (almost) 18 and is sadly missed. Thankfully we have two 10-month old kittens to console us.

    I must need my eyes testing – I thought professoryard wrote Gong Live. Now that’s a band that could have used your talents…

  12. Simon Hickson said

    Hi Ted,sorry to hear about your cat. Kittens can be fun, as I found out last night,watching this-

  13. Ted said

    Thanks Simon – she’d been deteriorating over a few months so it wasn’t a huge shock. Still sad of course.

    That clip is far too cute – unfortunately our two were a bit older by the time we’d got them.

    Check them out here:

    They’re brother and sister. Perry, the female, has no left front paw but it doesn’t stop her belting around the place chasing Devin…

  14. john southern (@suvvo) said

    Simon, enjoyed the full pint pic but nothing is more satisfying than seeing an empty Timmy Taylor glass! Keep it up (the drinking!)

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