Bad Guys Wear the best Underpants

January 10, 2010

It’s arrived. The film you’ve all been waiting for. Well, one or two of you who may have read my initial post about our film’s anti-hero, Clint Frecklestone.

This is a film thought up by my niece and nephew, Kate and William, aged 11 and 7. You can find out more about its origins by clicking on the Clint Frecklestone link above. William also thought up the name Clint Frecklestone (pronounced Freckelstun).

We filmed it today, between 12pm and 3pm. We couldn’t fit the cast onto the video, so cast fans, here they are. All the actors are toy figures.

Clint Frecklestone- A cowboy figure

David Beckham- Captain Kirk

The Secret V lady- Lieutenant Uhura

The Detective- Dr. Who

And many soldiers and animal erasers and mini ninjas.

My input was minimal. Honest. It’s all their work. Here’s the film. We hope you enjoy it.

5 Responses to “Bad Guys Wear the best Underpants”

  1. Samantha said

    That’s fantastic! Good to see David Tennant with a good paced script again ( I thought the last Dr Who, at Christmas was SOOOO slow) Good job all round!

  2. Zoe Parker said

    Wow what a briliant film, I particularly liked the characters voices and the end disco scene. Is there going to be a sequel? More pant adventures are definitely needed. XXX

  3. Trevor Neal said

    Tremendous! Forget six hearts this movie gets six stars! A must see! A truly great film with something for everybody and an all star cast. Trumping, ninjas, a cowboy, a Dr. Who lookalike detective and cool, minimalist, wooden architecture. What more could you want from a movie?

  4. Andrea said

    Guys, that was brilliant! Kate and William, you are naturals. I am especially impressed by your English Victoria Beckham accent, Kate, and your American David Tennant accent, William. And such puppet-meistery, Simon! Or: camera-meistery, at least. Brilliant. I can’t wait for the sequel – what will that be called??

  5. Andrea said

    PS Like Zoe, am also impressed that it ended with a party scene. All the best films do.

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