October 26, 2009

Yesterday I visited my cat Tess. She doesn’t live with me but is looked after by some very good friends. She’s their cat too. She’s a shared cat, though cats, were they able, would deny belonging to anybody.

She’s old now. Nineteen. And tiny. She weighs just under 3kg. Her brother Bobbin died a few years back at the age of fifteen.



Tess may miss him. We don’t know. They used to cuddle up with each other, but then Bobbin would always take it one step too far and try and have his way with her. I never knew what to do. Should we impose our morality on our cats? Tess would always sort things out with a high pitched meow and a whack. I couldn’t blame Bobbin; he deserved some fun after having vets do their business down below many years ago. I was always amazed and surprised that he still had the urge.

And then you find out more things. Who knew cats had barbed penises? Not me. So Tess, I’m sorry I didn’t stop him.

Tess is doddery now. She’s totally deaf and fairly blind but otherwise in reasonably good health considering that, in human years, she’s 173. When I saw her a week ago she had a little siezure of sorts. It could have been cramp, or rheumatism, arthritis, a stroke. She stood up and all one side of her had gone dead. She could only walk sideways and she kept bumping up against the wall. After a short while she recovered.

She has difficulty getting up and down stairs. She can’t jump up on to beds or sofas anymore, but she can fall off them.

Yesterday she was in good form. I spent a bit of time with her, trimmed her claws and combed her fur. She’s pretty good at taking care of herself and grooming, but she’s old, so she doesn’t mind a bit of help.

And she’s found a new friend, though I think it was the sun that was the attraction.




7 Responses to “Tess”

  1. What an absolute beauty, and 19, wow! We got two tabby sibling 6 years ago, Louie and Meg. Louie had to be put down a few months ago due to weak bones. We can’t be sure if Meg misses him either, but like Bobbin, Louie would also try and have his way, only to get a bat over the head! Perhaps that kind of thing is just fine in cat land…

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Sorry to hear about Louie. As for cat land, yes I think they make their own rules and we’ll never understand them.

    Thank you Lucy for your comment.

  3. What a lovely cat, long may she thrive.

    I have 3 cats, started off with Smokey, who we got as a stray kitten, she managed to get pregnant before we were able to have her spayed and she had 4 kittens, 3 went to good homes and we kept Monty who was the runt of the litter. Then our neighbours got a kitten and shortly after moved house but were unable to take her with them, so we ended up with a third cat, fudge.

  4. Samantha said

    Wow, she’s beautiful, and doesn’t look at all old. Great photos of her. Super photo of Bobbin too. Animals have such great expressions…It’s quite hard to take a bad photo of an animal, they are really very photogenic!

  5. Andrea said

    I adore Tess. She is The World’s Nicest Cat. In England, at least. In America right now, it’s Beefer.

  6. Simon Hickson said

    Is that a euphemism?

  7. Jason said

    wish i looked that good now, let alone 173

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