Twitter off… then on

July 15, 2009

A few months back I knew nothing of blogging, of Facebook, of Twitter. And, in my own depressed way, I was happy. Then I did a bit of writing for some site or other, and I had to learn how to well… do it. You know, make a page, put in pictures, all that stuff. The job fell apart when the funder of the site fell under his own hedge, and suddenly I found myself with a new skill and nowhere to put it.

So, I started this blog. That was last November. And I’ve enjoyed it, and I hope a few of you have enjoyed my ramblings. but it’s a slippery slope isn’t it. Then I was made to look at Facebook. Oh, it’ll help me get work people say, failing to realise that I am truly unemployable. Then it’s Twitter. And I feel myself sucked more and more into an age that still seems forty years ahead of me.

But guess what? I like Twitter. Used well it’s fun. Look at me rambling on here. How much more would you have enjoyed reading this if I was forced into compacting it all down into 140 characters? And there are lots of funny people out there and we all play funny games where we come up with funny film titles and funny songs and everyone has a good laugh. Find the right people to follow, and even if you don’t know them you’ll start knowing them soon enough. For someone like me it’s ideal. I’m hopeless at speaking to people in the flesh but in the Twitterworld we are all equal.

So, a piece of technology I liked. Until today. When I try to do my usual inane twitterings but I’m stopped. My account has been suspended. It’s being “investigated due to strange activity”. All my activity is strange! Last night I ate a tub of anchovies and a packet of Bombay Mix for my tea.

“If we have suspended your account mistakenly, please let us know.” Well, I have. And they’ll do their best to get back to me in 30 days.

Twitter off.

10pm update:

Twitter on.

Well, it didn’t take 30 days thankfully, so I can calm down now and relax, although I am still hurt by Twitter investigating me for strange activity.

They haven’t replied. I just reappeared. I think it’s all down to This is the No Show. Thanks for your intervention guys, and Twitterers, if you’re not following them @The_No_Show then you should.


5 Responses to “Twitter off… then on”

  1. So annoyed for you Simon! I understand why the system is there but its frustrating that so many spambots and fakes are still alive & kicking on twitter but you’ve been suspended 😦 Hope they get back to you quickly and it doesn’t put you off twitter all together.

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Thank you Jemela. I am back on and not put off. Though I may be fake.

  3. Good to have you back in Twitterland 😉 Don’t say that – they’ll suspend you again!

  4. Craig said

    Anchovies and Bombay Mix? Was that all there was in the cupboard or was that what you actually wanted to eat?

    No Pot Fish left kicking around?

  5. Simon Hickson said

    Yes, no, yes, yes.

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