Public Enemies

July 6, 2009


Ok, I’ll have to go and see it again. Surely Public Enemies cannot have been as bad as it seemed to be. Did I miss something? What happened? Why was my mind wandering all the time? Why was I thinking of The Untouchables, The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford… even Heat?

Where was its story? What happened? Documentaries may well throw us into the action, but they place us, they make us care. I came out of this film knowing nothing and caring for nothing. A few thoughts had crossed my mind. Such as, was this the most boring film I had seen since Master and Commander? Wouldn’t a young Clint Eastwood have been great in the Christian Bale role. Wouldn’t Clint Eastwood make a great pensioner Batman.

Towards the end, the cop who hovers over a (plot spoiler) dying Dillinger gets his moment, and it seemed to be the only point in the film where we got some sense of the inner lives of these people. I liked those few moments.

But so much shooting and running and driving and hiding and waiting and chasing and walking and shooting and robbing and shooting… I needed to care more.

I’ll go and see it again. Maybe something’s hidden in there. Maybe I missed some of the dialogue. maybe I slept. Maybe next time round I’ll love it.

Leave comments. Tell me I’m right, I’m an idiot. Tell me these things even if you haven’t seen it.


One Response to “Public Enemies”

  1. I thought it was very so-so. Didn’t hate it, but I came away thinking “what’s the point of that?”.

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