Pigs, a goose and a sheep

June 10, 2009


The other day I had a meeting with Kindle, the company we wrote a few episodes of My Spy Family for. The plan is to make a film. All went well and if we can get some money together we’ll hopefully get it off the ground. Please feel free, if you are a millionaire, to give us some money.

Kindle are based at Hackney City Farm and every time I go there I spend about an hour wandering around the farm, saying hello to all the animals. This sheep says hello back:


The farm has a lot of volunteers and on this day they were busy painting the animals houses (barns? huts? hutches? pens?) but they were all soft, constantly complaining about the smell. They were just farmyard smells. The usual. Hay and bottoms.

The goose kept away.


But livened up a little when I stopped by for a chat.


Some troubled boys were there with their chaperone. The chaperone said to one of the boys; “it’s up to you. You can have a good day or you can make it crap for everyone.” The boy rolled his eyes, tutted, and flopped backwards, tapping at his mobile phone. A moment later he hid in one of the hutches, uncaring for the smell.

The pigs take their time, but just in case you thought they were dead:


4 Responses to “Pigs, a goose and a sheep”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    Excellent pictures- especially the sheep one – as farm yard photograhers go, you’re not too baaaaaaaad.

  2. Anna Baria said

    I have spent many days in that farm as I lived about a mile away, it’s great isn’t it?

  3. Hi, there! I found your goose picture…was wondering if it was okay to borrow it for our website? Totally non-profit, used to advertise a concert we are doing, and of course giving your credit for the pic. Hope you don’t mind – we love the picture!

  4. Simon Hickson said

    A very delayed response. Please feel free.

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