I made it through the rain

June 8, 2009





5 Responses to “I made it through the rain”

  1. Andrea said

    gosh, just beautiful :-).

  2. Sheenie said

    Did you take these? Amazing!

  3. Simon Hickson said

    Hi Sheenie. Yes. On Sunday I went to Shorne Wood Country Park and somehow managed to avoid rain despite those impressive clouds. I’ve realised that I love clouds and I’m going to continue photographing them. Not clowns though. I hate them.

    And Andrea, thank you. you are, as always, too kind. They’re just pics.

  4. Andrea said

    ahh Simon, you’re too modest. they’re not just pics. they’re beautiful, exquisite pic*tures*. 🙂

    what would you do if you saw a cloud shaped like a clown? would you photograph that?

  5. Trevor Neal said

    Great pictures – makes me think of some of my favourite songs like Cloud Time is Over, Tears of a Cloud, Send in the Clouds etc.

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