Boyle-ing point

June 3, 2009

I haven’t written for a while, and for those of you who may drop by here every now and then, just to see what’s what,  well, I apologise.

It’s something to do with the world going crazy. Little world, not big World, I guess, because it seems to all be happening in Britain. (Well, other than Obama saying “Hey North Korea, sort yourselves out soon or else”- they put on a good parade though don’t they?) but yes, nuclear bombs are back in fashion, a Peter Kay spoof of reality talent shows has become a reality, and politicians are dropping like flies. Are there any left? The printed press can’t keep up. I go out and buy the paper to enjoy with my lunch only to unfold it and find it already full of chips.

The world is going mental. What once was movies, fiction and non; what once was Rainman, I am Sam, Shine, Dumb and Dumber, Being There– is now protected and championed by Amanda Holden (from afar across the oceans), nurtured by Simon Cowell, and married to Piers. And our politicians continue to fall.

But the Prime Minister, our dour doer, phones I am Sam and all is well. And tomorrow we will vote.

How will you vote? For one of the big three? Green, Christian and Nazi? Or a fringe no-hoper like Labour? Don’t, DON’T even think of voting BNP. Our world may be mad but let us not make it mad and bad. I know you won’t. Spoiling votes could be fun. They still have to be counted. They have to be acknowledged. They say to someone somewhere that we think you have spoilt the party. Why not draw a nice picture of a goose? Or a scary picture of a clown? Or rub some cheese on your ballot so it smells. Or make it into a paper plane. If you do something creative please let me know.

Oh! And my computer blew up. Well, the monitor. Bang! Sparks! Smoke! reset fusebox!

Above ground too.

3 Responses to “Boyle-ing point”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    Umm good idea…I’ve aways been a bit nervous of not voting or spoiling my vote because well, you know – we can vote, so we should vote – but rubbing cheese on it does both – you vote but you also register your anger at the current situation with an unpleasant stink – if we all rub something smelly on the ballot paper (it doesn’t have to be cheese but it musn’t be visible) we’ll continue to support the democratic process (kind of) and subvert the system at the same time. Anar-stink in the UK!

  2. Apathetic Sceptic said

    I introduced my Euro Ballot Paper thingy to Mr Fellowes, the shredder and now I regret it, cos it means I can’t vote. Not that I had a kin clue who to vote for. I am not Green, certainly not Christian and as for the BNP, I rather think not. That leaves the big three, Porthos, Athos and Aramis. Can’t vote for Golden Browns party cos he has a head like a heifer. Maybe I should have voted UKIP, but they are tossers. Ah well its all academic now.

  3. Simon Hickson said

    I haven’t got a clue either. Nobody’s rang the doorbell to pester me- no vans with loudhailers, not even a leaflet- they’re all a bunch of scared fools. I’m off now to do the deed and see if i can get into some kind of daft debate with any of those who dare hang around the doors.

    I would have liked to spoil, but I’m not going to. Someone has to get in there, so, for a change, I’m plumping for the Lib Dems. I just wish they’d called though, offered me a lift…

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