IcelandSculptureMargate75p and a dog goes into Argos…

May 6, 2009





5 Responses to “IcelandSculptureMargate75p and a dog goes into Argos…”

  1. Bruce said

    Disappointed. Came from twitter expecting a joke “Dog goes into Argos…”

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Sorry Bruce. Though that was my intention. It was a set up for the reader to provide their own punchline. I should have put … and i will change it now. Feel free to carry on the joke.

  3. The dog was probably thinking to himself, “Don’t buy the cheapest TV, buy the second cheapest.’

  4. Andrea said

    “My dog’s got no head…”

  5. Bruce said

    Did you know that Argos was Odysseus’ faithful dog? I think this photo has some kind of deeper meaning – World of the Strange! See: “”.

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