Fake holiday

April 22, 2009

I’d like a holiday. I’m sure a bit of sun makes everyone think that. I’m not sure when I’ll get one. I’d like to say I’m too busy. Yes, that’s it! I’m too busy! But something inside me tells me I’m not too busy at all. Just too poor. Shut up you voice of truth. Let’s all go on a Fake Holiday!

Last year I ran away for four days to Sardinia. Today I’ve gone back there, in my head. I’m having a beer, a cigar, a coffee, a hat. I’m reading books, and just being.

The place is more colourful than when I last went there. More like a picture postcard from the sixties.

If you’d like a fake holiday, just have one. Feel free to share mine.




Now join in with my whimsy.


3 Responses to “Fake holiday”

  1. Grainne said

    ohhhhh deserted island…here I come, but can i bring things with me….dont want to get sun burnt or starve or die of thirst

  2. Donal said

    You should consider a cultural holiday like…er…Madrid. Paintings, pints and they let you smoke in pubs.

    And they have books to bore the balls of a buffalo.

  3. Donal said

    off a Buffalo that should be but I am not a vet.

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