Rubek’s cube

April 19, 2009

There is no sense to the title of this post. I should have just called it Rubek but I suffer from a form of punning Tourette’s. Rubek is Matt Burke. Or rather, his band. I met Matt last Tuesday at the launch of his new album Tender Hooks. I’d been invited along partly because our podcast producer and recent album launcher in her own right, Andrea Mann, was playing keyboards and offering Emmylou Harris-like harmonies to Matt’s Gram Parsons. Not that I should be comparing Matt to anyone but himself (if that’s possible), but hell, I’m no music journalist. Find out more about Matt and see his brilliant video for My Best Plans on his MySpace space. For what it’s worth, which is little, as I’m a more poorly version of Paul Morley (it’s the puntourette’s again, sorry) Matt reminds me of Jon Brion and Mercury Rev … a bit. This may be just a cheeky way to get you to go and look at these clips on YouTube. And check out more of Matt’s stuff too while you’re there, you won’t regret it.

rubek1Anyways, Matt launched his album at the Cavendish Arms in Stockwell, a sweet pub with a small concert room with stage and a fine line in pies and chips (well, only two types of pies- meat or vegetarian- and one type of chip, but lovely nonetheless). And, despite having never met me, Matt trusted me to do the meat raffle. Yes, a meat raffle. I thought it was a joke, but apparently these things happen. Particularly in the North of England. That’s something that’s passed me by in my life, until now. I did the meat raffle and someone won a big cow leg. Not bad, considering you got your raffle ticket for free, and entry to the gig was only £2.

So all round a most marvellous night and I urge you to visit Matt’s MySpace space and buy his album. He might throw in a chop as well.


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