This and That’s Entertainment Part 2

April 8, 2009

Last yearI wrote about one of my pool excursions to Great Yarmouth and I posted a picture showing the fine entertainment on offer on the Britannia Pier. You can see it here. Then I realised they hadn’t updated their posters and they were from the year before. True to form, the Britannia Pier is currently advertising last years’ acts. And here they are.


Roy “Chubby” Brown, Joe Pasquale, Jim Davidson, Jimmy Carr, Cannon and Ball, Joe Longthorne, Basil Brush, The Drifters, Lee ‘Memphis’ King, Frankenstein’s monster. That’s two years in a row for Roy, Jim and Tommy and Bobby. They must be much loved in Yarmouth. In 2007 they had The Searchers. They’ve been replaced by The Drifters. And Yarmouthians must go crazy for the Joe’s and the Jim’s to have two of each. I wonder if Carr and Davidson have considered teaming up, Corbett and Barker style? The Two Jims. It’s goodnight from me, and it’s goodnight from the racist.

Oh, you figure out which is which.

2 Responses to “This and That’s Entertainment Part 2”

  1. Andrea said

    ohmigod! that’s hilarious. and certainly far more hilarious than those actual shows. proof that old acts don’t die, they just perform in Great Yarmouth. promise me Trev and Simon never will??

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Well, we have! Not on the pier though. In a theatre, la-di-da!

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