Great Yarmouth 2009 Part 1

April 8, 2009


Will, Danny and Mickey

I’ve just returned from Great Yarmouth, where I was taking part in the English Pool Association’s National Interleague Championship 2009. This all takes place at the Vauxhall Caravan Park. You can glimpse a caravan or two in the photo above. The huge building on the left is a swimming complex which remains shut throughout the weekend. 96 teams, each consisting of between 9 and 11 players, all there for the pool, and it’s closed. (I know, that’s poor.)

Behind the swimming complex is the hall where there are rows and rows of pool tables lined up. It’s like The Color of Money, but instead of Tom Cruise, Paul Newman and John Turturro we have Will, Danny and Mickey.

The lights in the distance illuminate The Starlight Lounge. On Saturday night, when the majority of teams have failed to progress beyond the group stages (sadly including our team, Waterloo 2, who came second in the group having had two very respectable 9-9 draws), they meet here to drink, dance, and be entertained. The entertainment deserves a post of its own, and so I will leave our Freddie Starr impersonator and the two strippers alone for now until I have time to write a fuller review.

The first two days in Great Yarmouth were shrouded in mist. Walking around an out of season caravan park, occasionally bumping into  a defeated pool colleague, cue between his legs as he emerges out of the gloom is a little like meeting a wraith in a Norfolkian Silent Hill.



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