Great Yarmouth here I come

April 2, 2009

yarmouth-hallI’m off to Great Yarmouth later today to take part in two pool tournaments. The main one is the National Interleague, where all the leagues in Britain send their best teams and we all have a big competition. I play for a team called Waterloo 2. But they also have the qualifying rounds for the World Championship- a singles event where you can win a place to the World Pool Championship in Blackpool. I truly do not have a hope in hell, but I’m there anyway so I may as well give it a shot.

I’ve written about going to Yarmouth before so I won’t waffle on now… also, I’ve got to get packing… my first (and likely only) match is tonight at 9.30pm. You can read previous thoughts here if you like.

I’m not swanky enough to have a laptop, so I’m afraid my blog will have to go unattended for the next few days. I’m back late Sunday, hopefully to tell you all that Waterloo 2 won a few matches. As for Blackpool… well, we can all dream.


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