Trev and Simon Podcast No.4 to be recorded at Tate Modern

March 31, 2009

alcatraz-art-cellTomorrow, April Fools’ Day, we will record the Trev and Simon podcast, to be called Trev and Simon Podcast No.4, at the Tate Modern. Not really. Only joking. Can you tell?

Yes really, we will be recording it, but not at Tate Modern. We’ll be at our usual place. Andrea’s flat. That’s not her flat on the left. It’s a cell in Alacatraz. I’d happily live there. I wouldn’t want all the bad prison stuff; the violence, the tough love. That wouldn’t be for me. I’d like to live there now, as a tourist attraction. At night I’d have the place all to myself, and during the day I could chat to the visitors, pretending to be a notorious criminal who took money and jewels, but only from bankers. I’d be an imprisoned folk hero, etching, sketching, painting, writing, harmonica playing. If needed I could put on an American accent. “Gee whizz fellas, it was me that did do it. You talkin’ to me? Funny how? Funny why? Funny where? Funny what? Hey, Noodles! Why-y-y, royale with cheese!” That kind of thing.


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