Castaway 2

March 27, 2009

I had a casting the other day. Better than the one I had a few weeks back, but I still won’t get it. That’s not being defeatist. I did a good job, I’d be good for the ad, but I won’t get it because at some point, someone will go “isn’t he that bloke that used to be on kids tv?” And that’ll be that. For some adverts me being vaguely recognisable to a small proportion of the public may well be a good thing. Better wait for one of those to come along. What a change from the me of twenty odd years ago who would have run a mile from an advert, believing them all to be the works of Satan. However, I still have some principles. I will only perform in adverts for products that are demonstrably bad for people.

When I entered the waiting a room at the casting suite a voice called “Simon”. I looked over and said “Ben!” For it was Ben. I’m terrible at remembering names, and I haven’t seen Ben since we were teenagers at University, but I recognised him straight away. So things perked up from that point. After the casting we went and had a coffee. It was good to talk about old times and old friends. Sad too. Friends come and go; we all go through good times and bad times.

We were up for different parts in this advert. So, in an ideal world, we’ll both be working together again after a quarter of a century gap.

Then I wandered for a bit. When it started to snow… Snow? No one mentioned snow. Then again, I had seen no forecasts. So, when it started to snow I did the sensible thing and popped into Fopp and bought Setting Sons by The Jam for £3 (I have it on vinyl, but that and all the other stuff- turntable, amp- are all in storage).

As I walked home I looked at the clouds. I should have taken some pictures but my arms were too lazy. Here’s a couple of old pictures I came across recently. I had a file called “last pics on the Nikon” and I was intrigued to see what was in there. My camera’s Samsung now, but it seems to have some ghosts caught in it. I can’t remove them and I can’t buy a new camera. So, before I go back to the ghosts, here’s two ghost free Trafalgar Square pictures.


Marc Quinn's Alison Lapper Pregnant


6 Responses to “Castaway 2”

  1. Andrea said

    beautiful photos. as always.

  2. Simon said

    Are you only trying to get cast in ads or do you go along to castings for other parts. What about soaps and dramas?

  3. Simon Hickson said

    I’ll usually head along to whatever comes my way. I’d like to be in Coronation Street if you can fix that.

  4. Simon said

    Actually I was going to mention ‘the street’ as they have a few famous faces there (I think). I stayed the hand though because I think they film up north and aren’t you London based?

    I’ve never watched it personally, but I watched EastEnders for about 3 years solid as a teenager while Martine McCutcheon was it in and then again for a while when ex Spandau Ballet Bass player Martin Kemp was it (not for the same reason) and then finally when they brought Dirty Den back, until they killed him again.

    I’m pretty sure they film in London and I may watch it again if you join the cast. I think we are two thirds of the way there on this one.

  5. Trevor Neal said

    Hello Hooray! Setting Sons. Good choice. “Times were so tough but not as tough as they are now”.

  6. Simon Hickson said

    Paul “Nostradamus” Weller!

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