Bloggers block

March 23, 2009

Is there such a thing as Bloggers Block? Or am I just being lazy? There are things in my head I could write about, but for the moment the desire has gone. So here’s a picture of some ducks on the beach.



6 Responses to “Bloggers block”

  1. Ducks are a very valid post. Very valid indeed. And if you hadn’t mentioned blogger’s block, we’d have been none the wiser!

  2. Trevor Neal said

    Yeah. Ducks are great. Don’t get into a flap about it.

  3. Andrea said

    Don’t worry, Simon. The ducks have Bloggers Beak.

  4. Simon Hickson said

    The poor lovely ducks. This is the only time I’ve ever seen ducks on a beach. In Menorca.

  5. Bruce said

    Were the ducks on holiday? Are webbed feet good for walking on sand? Can ducks surf? I think this blog post has too many un-answered questions for my liking!

  6. Simon Hickson said

    Those answers in full. I was on holiday but I think the ducks lived there. They weren’t on our plane, unless they hid in the engines (not a good idea for birds) Yes, web feet are good for walking on sand. And yes, ducks can surf. They don’t have boards though. they use their webbed feet.

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