Iron Sky

March 11, 2009

Just at the point where I’d given up hope of there ever being a film about Nazis on the Moon, along comes Iron Sky. Watch the teaser trailer and then tell me you’re not excited.


Seen it? Ok, so they haven’t any actors yet, but they do have a pooping pigeon. Maybe the Iron Sky schweinhunds will go head to bloody Moon-beamed head with Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. Tom Cruise, you just went and got in on the Nazi thing a little too soon. How can an eyepatch compete with misspelt swearing and Moon Nazis?

If you’re in a film kind of trailer kind of mood, take a look at Michael Mann’s new one, Public Enemies. Now that looks exciting, and like some kind of hack I’m going to have to say… The Untouchables meets Heat. Sorry.

So far one other… and it’s The Blues Brothers. Good choice whoever you are.


2 Responses to “Iron Sky”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    I watched the trailer – you’re right -I can’t tell you that I’m not excited – but I am worried that a disturbing theme is goose-stepping through our blogs and podcasts.

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Yes, that worried me- but then, from Charlie Chaplin to Mel Brooks to Mitchell and Webb to Bryan Ferry to Stephen Spielberg (Raiders not Schindler) the nazis have always been seen as a source of entertainment.

    Let’s just make it clear once and for all-
    Trev and Simon do not like real nazis. We hate them. Although we did once play them as extras in a Krypton Factor line-up. (the film we were meant to be in was the one mentioned above- Michael Mann’s “The Keep”.) And we weren’t even the real extras. We were the fake extras. That’s how the Krypton Factor Line-up worked.

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