Gratuitous shot of the Gherkin

March 11, 2009


Where would this blog be without an occasional gratuitous photo of the Gherkin? It’s on every TV programme from Spooks to Not Going Out to Coronation Street, so, even though this isn’t a TV programme, the gherkin doesn’t care. It’ll get in anywhere. This gherkin is making an appearance in my remake of something that’s never been made before; Invisible Sherlock Holmes. I’m making it in my head, starting now, and it will be released to great acclaim, in my head, in about two minutes.

I took this picture a while back as me and Trev wandered through the city after a meeting somewhere nearby. I can’t remember what the meeting was for or how it went, but here’s a good guess; we went into the meeting, it went great, we walked back through the city, laughing and joking, most likely popping into a cheap CD shop where Trev buys a CD by the Kinks and I’d buy something by Sparks, we say goodbye in high spirits, and then we never hear anything from anyone about the meeting ever ever again. We should learn. If we know this is going to be the outcome would we be splashing fivers around on retro music you can pick up for free on Sundays in crap newspapers? Yes.

Two minutes later. Time for the premiere of Invisible Sherlock Holmes. What? My head couldn’t get the funding? But it all started so positively.


One Response to “Gratuitous shot of the Gherkin”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    We should never have gone to that meeting as The Invisible Trev and Simon.

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