Heartaches by the Number

March 6, 2009


Now I’ve got heartaches by the number,
Troubles by the score
Ev’ryday you love me less,
Each day I love you more
Yes, I’ve got heartaches by the number,
A love that I can’t win
But the day that I stop counting,
That’s the day my world will end

So sings Waylon Jennings and Buck Owens and Dwight Yoakam. The song is by Harlan Howard. And the cat? He’s not sung it, but he’s here to help all our  stress levels. That’s what cats do. Obviously not tigers and wild cats. Nice domestic cats like this one that visited Andrea’s yesterday as we recorded Trev and Simon Podcast No.2. And ok, if you hate cats it might not work. Try a dog.

The other day I went for an asthma check up. Things were ok but the nurse said my blood pressure was a bit high. And, I’d forgotten, or just not taken any notice, that it was a little high last year. These are all just numbers to me; I don’t know what it all means. I ask and she says I’m on the verge of hyper-tension. I don’t really know what that means either, but I’ll happily write nonsense about it on my blog. I’ve got to go back in a month and now I’m playing a numbers game. I’m going to get them down.

I was 144/80… something like that. So straight away I went for a run; my first in years; it nearly killed me. Also, I’ve eaten healthily since. Sorry nice cafe man who makes me those marvellous fry-ups; I’m going to have to cut down to just weekdays. Ok, let’s say once a fortnight. Now I just eat fish and wild berries and nuts and bark and soot and soil. And beetles. And I only drink beer water.

My new regime must be working. I’ve just bought myself a monitor for £12.99. The chemist had one at £12.99 and one at £55. I asked him what the difference was. He said none, just the brand name, and he recommended the cheaper one to me. Well done Chemist!

So now it is 140/77. Getting there. And then a little later it was 122/72. At this rate I’ll soon be 0/0.

2 Responses to “Heartaches by the Number”

  1. Hey Simon – love dipping into your blog now and again! Delighted to hear that your blood pressure is coming down, now you would be ok to have a colonic. It helps cholesterol and digestion as well as hydration.
    Feel free to book and I’ll let you have the treatment on the house, that’s free of charge, not have one in full view of your neighbours….

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Thank you Tracey, that’s a very kind offer. And one I’ve never had before. I’m not sure it’s for me, but if I’m ever in the Milton keynes area I’ll consider it. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog.

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