The Trocadero revisited

March 1, 2009


I was back at the Trocadero yesterday, on my way to see The Unborn. The other day at the Trocadero I had taken some photographs of a sinister abandoned escalator leading up to an unilluminated hell-hole where a Funland devil reject possibly dwells. That escalator was the second of two uber-escalators that jump floors and head straight to the dark and abandoned upper limits. Yesterday they had closed down the first too.

As I took this photo I was approached by a security guard. He asked me to stop taking photos. When I asked him why he told me that I was obviously an intelligent man and that the reason was obvious. Those that know me know I only look intelligent.

So I asked again why and he told me that someone could use the photos to plant a bomb. I asked him if he thought I planned to plant a bomb. Why? Was I nuts? Possibly. He was very polite and said no, but the photos could get into the wrong hands. That’s when I told him that the day before I had put photos of the Trocadero up on my blog. I told him thatI didn’t know you couldn’t take photos, there are no signs saying such. He told me that I can take photos, if there are people on them. I asked him to pose… no, not really, I’m not that cheeky. But I did ask him if I would be arrested. Those that know me know that I wasn’t being cheeky here, I’d quite like to be arrested for taking a photo in the Trocadero. I’d like there to be a Free the Trocadero One campaign. He said he didn’t have the power to arrest me. And that was that. I then went to see The Unborn which wasn’t nearly as much fun.

Anyway, there’s the picture above. I should be careful what I type, but I don’t think it’s going to be much use to anyone planning anything other than a “should I go left or right” campaign.


moon over Piccadilly

On my way home I stopped off at Marks and Spencers. It took ages for my card to go through. The woman serving me said “technology eh.” I said I should have paid in cash and she said “I’m sure you love using your card.”

And on the train home a group discussed the Manchester way to wear a scarf. You cross it over, take the outer end and feed it up and under and over the other half… does that make sense? And then pull it across your neck, I guess cravat style. This way all of your neck is warm. The other, more popular way at the moment is to feed the two ends through a loop. This only gives part neck protection.


3 Responses to “The Trocadero revisited”

  1. Andrea said

    that’s how I tie my scarves! does that make me a Manc?

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Well done! You are an honorary Manc.Next time I see you we’ll do the Monkey Walk together.

  3. Trevor Neal said

    I’ve heard “the other way” is called the Hoxton Knot or even the Parisian Knot – but I’m “knot” a fan. I prefer the traditional cravat style up and over method for my Tootals. Liam Gallagher isn’t always loyal to the “Manchester Knot” – he does all kinds of loopy stuff with his sometimes – but he’s still great at doing the Monkey Walk.

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