February 20, 2009

I’m off to Broadstairs for the weekend to see Trev and his family (if you look carefully you can see them in one of these photos).  And so, I might not get much onto my blog until Monday. Now, for those of you who ploughed through yesterday’s story, that might come as a relief. If you persevere with some of my nonsense, all I can say is well done and thank you.





10 Responses to “Broadstairs”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    As a local I should point out (because that’s what locals do) that although these are excellent photos, none of them are in fact of Broadstairs. They are Ramsgate and Kingsgate I think. You probably knew that but maybe this will save you from having to read any long-winded petty comments from pedantic individuals who like to point out things like that. I shall now write to my local paper for further clarification on the matter and I look forward to seeing some photos of Broadstairs perhaps on another occasion. Do you have any photos of other local beauty spots like Dumpton Gap? I’d love to see them. Many thanks.

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Isn’t Dumpton Gap one of the lesser shopped in outlet stores on the border of Broadstairs?

  3. Bruce said

    Is that Trev jumping over the car on his moped?

  4. Simon Hickson said

    It is indeed. With me looking on as a happy idiot clown. But don’t let him hear you call it a moped! He’s a mod- he’d have a funky scooter.

  5. Edward Higgins said


    I have spent some time recently accidentally stalking Trevor Neal. I’m now getting worried I may have a problem.

    You see, I started going out with a girl from Broadstairs. And one day I popped into the local Budgens and there he was – being shorter than he should be – carrying a green basket, like a proper human being.

    There he was again, some weeks later, shiftily traversing the High Street. In a cravat, no less.

    And there he was again a week or so later, cutting a disappointed dash around Woolworths on its final days. This time the basket was empty. Not even the cut-priced Lee Mack DVDs could sway him.

    Anyway, in an attempt to de-violate the poor man, I kept to the shadows (or in the last case, behind a succession of still-over-priced Blink 182 CDs). But now I’m worried that that looks worse…

    Please advise. Someone.

  6. Simon Hickson said

    Well Edward, there are a few things to address here:
    Trev is the height he is, and that’s that. There is no height we should be (unless you want to be a policeman).
    shiftily traversing? Fancy language indeed, but Trev is far from shifty.
    Is he a poor man because of your stalking? If you are pitying him because of your inadvertent stalking, then next time, just go up to him and say hello. He isn’t like a proper human being. He is one.

  7. Edward Higgins said


    You apologise for accidently stalking a man on his home turf and get abused for using fancy language…

    How come the guy that said he looked like Neil Morrisey got off so light?

    You’re quite right, Simon, in future I tip my cap.

    You seem like a pair of charming fellows on your podcasts. Bravo.

  8. Simon Hickson said

    So sorry Edward. It wasn’t meant to be abuse. I’m just naturally defensive of my shifty, short pal. he’s taller than me you know. Keep up with the fancy language and cap doffing.

  9. Edward Higgins said

    He plays very tall on TV, was all I meant.

    I remember the pair of you as battling ninjas on telly – some last-sugar-packet-confrontation, involving wonky French bread. Thinking about it, there were probably a lot of low angles involved in that to emphasis your raw power. Perhaps that’s where my confusion stems from.

    Also, I was significantly shorter back then, myself.

    My apologies if I caused some offence, it certainly wasn’t my intention. And, in fact, the cravat was rather nice.

    Simon Hickson, your marmish defence of your comedy partner does you credit. He’s a very lucky man.

  10. Edward Higgins said

    It appears my girlfriend is stalking Trev on my behalf now. (I haven’t made it to Broadstairs for a while)

    She actually spoke to him! Wilful, I know…

    He was effortlessly charming from all accounts.

    When’s the next podcast happening, you fellas?

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