February 14, 2009

dfhc-silhouette-2That’s the DevilfishhornClub above. Or DFHC. The DevilfishhornClub was one of the early incarnations of the double act I am in with Trev Neal that eventually became known as Trev and Simon. We didn’t choose that as a name, it’s just that anything that mentioned the devil was unacceptable to the bigwigs behind childrens TV. So, when we started working on BBC1 Saturday morning TV, firstly on Going Live! and then on Live and Kicking, the DFHC had to go and everyone started calling us Trev and Simon. And it stuck.

We called ourselves the DevilfishhornClub because of the props we used. We had a big plastic fish, used for live recreations of Pirahna 2, the Flying Killers, now in 3-D; Some devil horns… we would skip around and sing a song- “666 is the number of the beast, 667 is the number of the beast’s next door neighbour” (I know, technically it’s wrong. It should be 668, or 664, but we were young and 667 is funnier); and some plastic cavemen clubs… I think we did a 2001: a Space Odyssey thing, but my memory has gone due to being whacked on the head repeatedly with the plastic club.

dfhc-programmeThe silhouette comes from the programme for our first Edinburgh show. It was called Funny Comedy and it was a show full of funny comedy, including Honest Jesus’ Car Repair Shop, adverts for Thorley’s Pig Worm Powders, magic with eggs, and the skipping and dancing 666 song mentioned above.

Trev may remember more, but this was the 80’s, before we had a computer, or pens, and so all of our scripts existed mainly in our heads and no one had a video recorder of any sort… it’s a show lost to history. All I can tell you is that it was great and funny and nothing exists to prove me wrong; other than the memories of fools.

The programme still exists. I’ll maybe reveal bits of it post by post, if I have the nerve and Trev’s approval. If so, you can learn all about the birth of a snake and also find out about some of our lesser known film appearances; Me as an alcoholic professor in Educating Retards and Trev as a sex god in Emmanuelle 4 in V.D. Yes, they’re the kinds of things that used to make us laugh when we were young.

I used the silhouette (Trev on the left, me on the right) for our new blog; a Trev and Simon blog that can be found here. You’ll also find our first podcast there. Maybe for our next podcast we can try and trawl our memories for more of our “classic” pre-childrens TV routines.

And below is a bookmark from the show. We had these made instead of leaflets. We handed them out on the streets of Edinburgh and if you brought them along you got in for £1.50. We even had a quote from Rik Mayall on it. We’d met him when we were students at Manchester University and he was an ex-student and now a famous Young One. He said we could quote him as saying we were his “favourite act”. He did this for lots of acts and all he asked for in return was a pint of beer.



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