Trev and Simon go podcasting

February 11, 2009


Today we did a podcast. Our first. What an experience! It’s like radio with no listeners. We talked about many things including Pob and Bod, Raquel Welch, Roman ghosts, and the Football Pink. When it’s ready to go wherever podcasts go, I will let you know, along with a more comprehensive listing of the things we talked about. Hopefully, we’ll make it a regular occurence. it seems quite easy for us to talk a load of, let’s say, nonsense for an hour. Quite what it is like to listen to, well that’s another thing.

A big big big thank you to Andrea for working so hard and getting us to do it. And for her fantastic support and encouragement.

We didn’t talk about the Cheeky Girls, but they’ve crept into this post anyway.


3 Responses to “Trev and Simon go podcasting”

  1. Ben Norris said

    There are at least 3 blokes in that photo surely ?

  2. Trevor Neal said

    Only 3 blokes? Does that make me the girl? It’s a great photo – we look so pleased with ourselves, it’s ridiculous. Cheeky boys!

  3. Katie Lee said

    Can you start updating your Twitter now Simon! I want to read your tweets! And you’ll get much validation from your followers – like Googling yourself and only seeing the nice bits.

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