When creme eggs don’t drop

February 10, 2009

mini-creme-eggs1Sunday night, waiting for a train at London Bridge, returning home, cue between my legs after being beaten up at pool, I decide to cheer myself up with a packet of Mini Creme Eggs.

There’s the machine on the left. Can you see what happened? I put in a pound and pulled out a… nothing. The Creme Eggs didn’t drop.

I hit upon a plan. If I put another pound in, the first bag would drop as it was pushed forward by the second bag, which would also drop. The first bag dropped and the second one dangled there. Oh well, at least I had some little eggs to take home and enjoy whilst watching the BAFTA’s. I hadn’t planned much eating for Sunday so those eggs were my tea.

I phoned the helpline on the machine. This sent me to another machine where I had to leave my details. They haven’t got back to me. But then I am not too bothered about losing a pound. I will, in time, call them. If only to be devilish.*

I took this photo in preparation for the long court case that will no doubt ensue. After my experience with the RAC on Saturday I’ve realised we live in a culture where you are assumed to be a liar until you can prove otherwise.

If you look closely you will see that the ghost in the machine is me.

* 1.59pm 10th Feb. Stop the press! Selecta just called me. The poor woman, I was just laughing all the time. All she wanted was my address so they can send me my pound. My faith in human nature is restored and when my pound arrives I will pay it forward. Bo Selecta!


2 Responses to “When creme eggs don’t drop”

  1. Bruce said

    Life is like a box of chocolates – or in your case Simon, a vending machine.

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