February 2, 2009

Snow. Lots of it. And everything stops. No buses. No trains. That’s because all the drivers want to go out and build snowmen.

Everyone’s been rooting around the back of their wardrobe. Not in the hope of finding Narnia, but in the hope of finding those boots they haven’t worn since 1991. And then off to the park, to go banarnias.

Snowmen will melt. But for now, let’s enjoy them. Which one of these melts your heart? Please try and pick my favourite.

Snow Hair

Snow Hair

Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Snow Hope

Snow Hope

This poll will close at the point when I look out of my office window and see no snow. It’s now 5.15pm on Thursday February 5th and it’s nearly all gone so please get voting.

7th February 4pm. The snow has almost gone. This poll will close by tomorrow… unless it snows again!

And so the poll comes to a close and against all odds little Snow Hope has come through and won with 56% of the votes. Well done little fella. I guess you’ve melted away now. here’s one last look at you.



3 Responses to “Banarnia”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    I’m not allowed to vote more than once it seems but just so you know, in my family Snow Hair got 3 votes, Snow Patrol got 2 votes but my vote goes to Snow Hope. We ended up giving our one permitted vote to Snow Patrol but only to please the youngest who was taking it all very seriously and wants to know who won. Great photos in the park too. Here in Broadstairs it is still mostly raining. Severe lack of snow warning issued. Doh!

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Well done for taking it seriously. I will reveal my favourite in time, but for now I don’t want to influence the votes, so far numbering 2! No, 3!

  3. Is it possible just to save the little one in Snow Patrol? only he is very cute.

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