Queens of Vintage

January 20, 2009

old-photo2No, not me!

This is me just a few years back. Then, I looked like someone from the 40’s. Now, I look like someone in my 40’s. I’ve used this photograph, not just to exercise my vanity (hey, what’s wrong with trying to enjoy a time when I had hair?), but also to help promote a little bit of writing I’ve done for Queens of Vintage. This is another great site created by my friend Sarah, the genius behind greenmystyle.com. Her Empire is growing, and if I keep using words like genius (oh, and did I point out that she’s lovely too), then she’ll have no option but to give me some proper work when she becomes a big media mogul.

So, take a look at my little article all about records. You know, LP’s, 45’s, EP’s. Not those Guinness type of records where someone sits in a bath of bees for hours. Just how do they keep those bees in there? (Voice in my head… stop it, you know they’re beans.) Yeah, well, bees’d be funnier.


7 Responses to “Queens of Vintage”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    Reminds me of that song by Soft Cell – Say Hello Wavey Hair.

  2. Trevor Neal said

    Nice piece on records – my mate Josh collects old Top of the Pops LP record covers. He stuck them all over his bedroom ceiling – until one day, the whole ceiling collapsed with the weight of cardboard and blue-tac. Fortunately he wasn’t in bed at the time – he was probably out getting plastered.

  3. stylehighclub said

    I will absolutely blame you for blowing my monthly food budget on that damn record player!x


  4. Darrell said

    Great article, absolutely spot on. Vinyl is the only way to go. And the red leather Dansette (though minus matching 7 Inch carry case), exactly the same as my mum’s when I was a kid. Oh happy day.

    Sadly the charity shops here in the provinces,seem to lack London’s exotica. Just a plethora of James Last, Mantovani, and ELO’s Greatest Hits.

  5. Simon Hickson said

    Cheers Darrell. And those Mantovani LP’s may sound a little too stringey (I know my musical terms)but the covers are good. And, sorry to let you down on this one, but I am a bit partial to ELO. I have a boxed set of three LP’s from when I was 15.

  6. Darrell said

    Apologies Simon. Definitely no intention to diss ELO, I’m partial to a bit of them myself. It’s just when I’m on a vinyl trawl,it’s a bit of a pain seeing the same albums over and over.

    Btw, love the photos. Espeically the models at The Fairmont in San Jose. Sorry it took so long to comment about them.

  7. Andrea said

    yep, great article Simon. although turntables are also good for putting small plastic animals on, and seeing which ones last longest the faster you make it go. or was that just me, as a 7 year old?

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