Good advice

January 16, 2009


I have returned from America with a plethora of sign photographs. And until something happens to me in England my blog will have to survive on these signifiers.

This one offers good advice to beaky-nosed bald guys with fat pointy knees; Avoid a fall, use handrails. Here’s some other ways to avoid a fall:

Avoid a fall, don’t drink.

Avoid a fall, crawl along the floor.

Avoid a fall, scoot down stairs on your arse.

Avoid a fall, wear glue boots.

Avoid a fall, stay in bed.

Avoid a fall, stay upright.

Avoid a fall, stay in the UK where we call it Autumn.

Avoid a fall, avoid a Mark E. Smith.

If you have any good advice fit for printing please let me know.


2 Responses to “Good advice”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    Very good. I was just about to reply with some daft Mark E Smith comment – but you got there first of course. Oh well, just have to go for a stupid random spin off thing – Avoid a fell – Don’t go to the Lake District.

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