My car levitates

January 14, 2009


This isn’t much of a picture is it? Oh well, I’m still recovering from a 10 hour flight back from California. This is my car, a Ford Fiesta, outside one of its former homes.

I’d been away for a month and when I got back my car had gone. It’s 13 years old now so in car years maybe it’s about time it left home. I guessed it hadn’t been stolen (who’d want it?) when I saw that all the pavement was being replaced. So I got on the phone to the council. I was prepared for a big battle, and being passed from department to department, and being cut off fifty times. But no. I was put through to Imogen. Imogen sounded like a man. That’s because Peter had answered Imogen’s phone. And Peter was very helpful. He said the most likely thing would be that my car had been moved to somewhere nearby, so go and have a walk round first. I walked around but headed off in the wrong direction. After a long walk and as I neared home, I saw it. My car had travelled about 500 yards down the road. Now no one had the keys so, on way or another (ok, maybe a truck was involved), my car had levitated. Well done car and well done Lewisham Council.


One Response to “My car levitates”

  1. that’s amazing. that should be David Blaine’s next trick, that.

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