January 9, 2009


So here’s the set. Built in this order; K9, Tardis, Cyberman head, Dalek. The instructions recommended this order. They said to start with K9 because it was the easiest. What they didn’t say was that the Dalek was- hey, my niece and nephew may read this- let’s say, impossible.

I would like to exterminate this Dalek. I would like to crush it. All these models require no glue- just press out the card pieces and clip them together.Oh, except for the Dalek.

If you buy this kit for anyone, treat it like a UXB. Hand it over and then retreat to some distance. Don’t approach it again until all parts have gone off. Give it as a gift, then run. Leave it to the mums and dads.

Or, be sneaky. Show them how easy it is. Make K9. Hey, make the Tardis. Even have a go at the Cyberman head. Show them it’s do-able. Then run. Fast. Far. And don’t visit again for six months.

Oh, I persevered. I got my brother-in-law to lend a hand. We both struggled. At one point I superglued my fingers together. I know, just press out and clip blah blah blah… like I say, hand over the present and run. Leave the country.

Auntie Claire, you are bad. You are a bad woman hiding back there in the UK. I’ll remember this. You can run but you can’t hide.


3 Responses to “Exterminate!”

  1. wow! I want that kit*. where did Auntie Claire get it from?

    *bar the Dalek, by the sounds of it

  2. Bruce said

    They look very life like – I think you should use your models and shoot a Dr Who episode/comic strip. Btw did you see Obama in the Spiderman cartoon? (PS Issy really likes the Dalek)

  3. Sarah said

    yeah, but uncle simon saved the day. he’s the best. am looking forward to my fleet of daleks – all made – when you return with my christmas prezzie. is it a ‘fleet’ of daleks?

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