Santana Row

January 8, 2009


No! Not the San Franciscan Latin rock group arguing again. Santana Row is San Jose’s swankiest street of shops. And it’s just a little bit weird.

Firstly, it seems to be far away from what you may think of as the centre of San Jose, or Downtown San Jose; it’s just, sort of, in the middle of nowhere. A street built about five years ago, to supposedly be Northern California’s answer to Rodeo Drive, according to this Wikipedia entry. But what question was Rodeo Drive asking?

There’s fancy shops here, and valet parking and a cinema. And that’s about it. Above the shops are very fancy apartments where people who want to live the Santana Row lifestyle live. They seem to be impossibly glamorous women (who may be 400 years old) and men who walk two dogs at a time… but dogs so small and so manicured, you may at first glance think there’s been a breakout from the Pokemon shop. The dogs are left outside while their owners have coffee and cake here-


And sometimes, the dogs are blown away.

I’ve just realised I started this off with a firstly. Should I go back and delete, or just own up to the absence of a secondly?

I don’t have a secondly.

I have been here twice in the last two days. To go to the cinema. I have seen Doubt, and I have seen Frost/Nixon. I think I will write about them tomorrow.

… Oh, an afterthought. Santana Row does have one of my favourite shops. It’s called Anthrapologie and there’s absolutely nothing in there for me. But it is good for presents. And I like its name. Oh, and I like Urban Outfitters. And Borders.


7 Responses to “Santana Row”

  1. lol at “And sometimes, the dogs are blown away”.

  2. PS Simon, do you know the way to San Jose?


  3. Simon Hickson said

    Yes, and no. I rely on lifts a lot. The Caltrain goes there from Sunnyvale and then there is also the light rail.

    I’m thinking of getting a job there, at Santana Row, valeting. You know, parking cars and pumping gas. I may as well, I’ve been away so long.

  4. david a said

    I think if might be considered a lttle rude, and perhaps even unsanitary, to pump gas in the cars you park. Would you be attempting some kind of territorial marking thing – a stab at counterbalancing the USA’s cultural invasion and political influence in your own country?

  5. Simon Hickson said

    Not trumping!

  6. Them cheescakes look delicious. Where abouts is the Plush Pokemon shop you mention?


  7. Simon Hickson said

    okey dokey, it’s a bit of a cheeky plug for your shop but I admire your nerve.

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