January 3, 2009


I made a Cyberman head. This was my nephew’s Birthday present, from his Auntie Clare. The plan was to help him, but it was no easy make. So, I did it all. I know the Daleks say “Exterminate”, but I don’t know the Cybermens catchphrase. My niece tells me it is “Delete!” Catchy.

In the background you can see my Great Grandfather, Tom Hickson. He’s the one with the moustache. He wasn’t a lava lamp.

Oh, Dr Who fans, the new Doctor is Matt Smith. The News of the World call him “unknown actor Matt Smith.” Unknown by who? Well, by those who don’t know who he is. Those who do know who he is, know who he is. I saw him in Party Animals and he was the best thing in it. Since they haven’t given the part to me I say good choice. Although I would have been equally happy with David Morrissey or Paterson Joseph. Or me.


6 Responses to “Delete”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    Hey! You’ve made a really great head – look forward to seeing the rest of the body. Will it walk and talk and delete? Are you still planning a fat 2009? I am. I’m really fat. I’ve been on Wii Fat all Christmas and it’s really working. P Noo Yeer!

  2. Andrea said

    bloomin’ heck, that’s impressive. did you work in the props department at L&K, too??

    btw good to know that you rate Matt Smith – I saw his fizzog at the split second ending of ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ (am just about to watch the whole thing on iPlayer) and thought “eeek!!”. sod the monsters, he’s scaaaaary looking!

  3. Andrea said

    OK, have watched ‘Confidential’ now and I like ‘im. :-). and he’s definitely got that young/old thing going on…

  4. That head’s amazing! I always think cybermen heads look like handbags waiting to happen.

    I reckon Matt Smith will be great. He seems to use his hands a lot, which is always useful when describing the quantum flux of space time particle theory to 8yr-olds.

  5. Simon Hickson said

    Glad you all like Matt Smith. He may be 26 but his face, whilst not old looking, or even lived in, does hint at a soul who’s seen a lot.

    More Dr Who “makes” coming soon.

  6. Bruce said

    I’ve been on the Tardis diet over Christmas. You get fatter on the inside and stay the same size on the outside. Just can’t undo my belt though.

    HNY all.

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