Making tea for the kids

December 30, 2008

If anyone is reading this to keep up with my antics in the States, I apologise for not writing much today. My sister and her husband have gone off for a few days break in San Francisco, leaving me and my mum in charge of my niece and nephew. Earlier today I made soup for them. My nephew doesn’t like soup, so I drained off all the liquid and just gave him the bits. There were lots of bits; turkey, potatoes, onions, carrots, mushrooms, broccoli… toast… turkey… nachos… Quality Street… anything I could find to chuck in. Now it’s bath time. Then tea. Then Batman (not the new one, they’re only 10 and 6)… The Tim Burton one. The nice one where Jack Nicholson squirts acid into Jerry Hall’s face. It’s a PG13 so maybe I’m breaking the law. Or maybe they are. My nephew, 6, was disappointed last night because we wouldn’t let him watch Death Race!

Ok kids, bathtime!

Here’s a pic from last year; a van parked by the Golden Gate Bridge.


In that bath! Now! Or… No soup for you!

No soup for you… like the Soup Nazi. I showed my niece the clip. She laughed. Watch it now! Then bed. Yes, you! Stop reading. Put the light off. Go to sleep now! I command you! What? No! Not daft Uncle Simon! Not silly Uncle Simon! Serious Uncle Simon! Bed! Ok, five more minutes. Then bed. Maybe ten. Don’t tell mummy and daddy.

Time passes, then… You’re supposed to be in bed. You want a glass of water? Ok, I’ll bring it to you.

I creep in a few moments later but you are asleep.


2 Responses to “Making tea for the kids”

  1. Andrea said

    that picture is genius. as is the Soup Nazi. and as is Uncle Simon, I’m sure. 🙂

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Get to bed! Now! A story? Um, ok, lie down, close your eyes… once upon a time there was a little cat called Tess…

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