Jesus’ Brain

December 28, 2008


These pictures were taken in St. Joseph’s Cathedral in San Jose.

This morning I was at St. Jude’s in Cupertino. I went for communion and my six year old nephew knelt by me. He took a wafer, but no wine. As we left the altar he dropped the wafer; he doesn’t like them.

Back at home we talked of the dropped wafer; who would eat it; would it get picked up?

This wafer was part of the body of Christ, I’m told. I asked my nephew what part of Jesus he had dropped on the floor. He said, “Jesus’ brain.”

Could have been worse.

st-josephs-cathedral-21 st-josephs-cathedral-31


One Response to “Jesus’ Brain”

  1. […] creative when it comes to this church stuff; read his take on communion from a year and a half ago when he was 6. When we watched the film back I asked him what he wanted to call it. Possibly mindful of World Cup […]

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