Looking out of the window.

December 17, 2008

planeYesterday I flew with Virgin. I will give a prize to anyone who can name the three films I watched (well, two and a half… the machine broke down halfway through the third) from the following clues.

1- I can fix that for you.

2- Are those sad tissues or happy tissues?

3- You’re not much of a laugher are you.

Ok, I’m trying to remember the lines, so I can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, but if you know them, you’ll know them. Good luck, with this my first ever online competition. I don’t know what the prize is yet. I may even give prizes for answers that are wrong, and that make me laugh. Oh, and if you are a friend. The first person to get them properly right will get a prize whether I know them or not.

Note to anyone legal… this is just a bit of fun on my blog, not like, you know, a real competition. I put the like in to like, you know, be all American?

So, the third film broke down, and then I looked out of the window.


14 Responses to “Looking out of the window.”

  1. Trevor Neal said

    1. The Fixer
    2. The Tissue Collector
    3. Sad Man

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Nice try Trev. All wrong! Though The Fixer is a film. A good one too.With Alan Bates banged up in the gulags if I remember correctly. you might get a small prize for trying.

  3. Andrea said

    1. Twilight
    2. Yes Man (one of the questions to which there was, unfortunately, neither a possible yes or no answer)
    3. Madagascar 2

  4. Bruce said

    1. Bob the Builder (the movie)
    2. Kleenex of Solace
    3. The Man Without a Face

  5. Simon Hickson said

    Bruce, you’re not taking this seriously. Wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Andrea, you may be taking this seriously. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  6. Andrea said

    yes, but am I *right*?

  7. Simon Hickson said

    I don’t understand. When I don’t understand I reply “yes, you are right…” I leave a pause, then I mutter, very very quietly under my breath, “…wing.”

  8. Andrea said

    I mean: am I right in my answers? what are the answers? I need answers! in general.

  9. Bruce said

    Ok. Been to the In-flight movie pages on Virgin Altantic. I reckon you would have picked the following films: TROPIC THUNDER, WANTED, HANCOCK, FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL based on the fact that you: a. would have already seen the better movies and b. unless you were sitting next to Mark Kermode you’ll be watching tat.

    1. HANCOCK

    Serious enough!

  10. Simon Hickson said

    Andrea, as stated, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Answers in general… No, yes, sometimes, never, Sundays. Make up your own questions to those.

    Bruce… Well done. You have one right. You are a third of the way there. I can’t say which though, because it will help others. I’ll tell you in secret.

  11. Andrea said

    ah I see! I thought you were admonishing me for taking it seriously. as in: shaking your head saying ‘wrong, wrong, wrong…’

    how wrong (wrong, wrong) I was. oops.

  12. Andrea said

    PS Bruce – are you in Blur?

  13. Sarah said

    Well, knowing you I would say the films were:

    1. Lassie
    2. Dinosaurs On Ice: Revisited
    3. The Day The Giraffes Stood Still

    Am I right? Am I right?

  14. Simon Hickson said

    Sarah, all wrong. Though the Day the Giraffes Stood Still is playing on the way back. As we fly over Africa (it’s a strange route I take) I look out of the window and into their eyes.

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