Barack bedtime stories.

December 17, 2008

barackI’ve just arrived in America. I may be tired. After our choir’s Christmas party… that’s Note-orious by the way… I got to bed at 2am. Up at 5am. Finish my packing. Ha! It’s just throwing undies into a suitcase! Leave the house at 6am. Get to Heathrow at 7.30am. Fly away at 9.30am. Arrive at 12.25pm (that’ll be 8.25pm to you lot in England). So now it’s 5.30pm here… 1.30am for you. So, I’ve been awake for 19 and a half hours. I’ll stay awake til about 10pm, that’ll be 6am for you and by then I’ll have been awake 25 hours. Have you kept up with that? I’m not sure I have. And I’m assuming you are in England when you could be in Yugoslavia or Stoke (yes, I know! Stoke’s in England… it’s late, or early, I’m tired).

If I were a child, I might be lulled into sleep with the above Barack books. $16.19 and $15.29. Ok, I’m tired, but they seem funny prices. Barack books for the kids! You don’t get that kind of thing in England. There’s no Where the Gordon Brown Things Are, or We’re going on a WMD hunt.

Tomorrow, more news of the childrens books of America, including a review of the no.1 bestseller, Hey Mr President, Catch My Shoe!

Goodnight. Or as they say in America, goodnight.

One Response to “Barack bedtime stories.”

  1. Andrea said

    ha! glad you arrived safely. now: sleeeeep! perhaps you can count bailout dollars… one… two… three million and five… three milion and six…

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