The man who works with animals.

December 14, 2008

Last night I went into town and as I passed through Leicester Square there was a Santa Fest going on. How many Santas I don’t know. At least 400 though. I took some photos and I asked the group above if it was one of those Flash/Facebook type things that starts off nicely enough and ends in Santa murder. They insisted I joined them for a photo. When I said I was off to the pictures, the girl on my right said “fuck it, come out with us.”

She then decided she recognised me. She asked if I had been on TV, and I said yes, because it’s true. She said I was “the man who works with animals.” I don’t mind being mistaken for Sir David Attenborough. Or even Johnny Morris. Just as long as it’s not Terry Nutkins.

I guess it was though. Or she maybe just thought I was me. After all, I am me, and I have worked with animals. Just take a look at the photo in the “about” bit of my blog.

I didn’t go out with them, because I had other commitments. What a fool. Still, at least I avoided the late night Santa Slaughter. What a fool.

Here’s a load of Santa’s enjoying all the fun of the fair. For any photo boffins, my camera is just a cheap old Samsung NV8 (easily available for under £100). I like it because it goes up to ISO 3200. This means I can take pics at night, like these two, without having to use soul destroying flash. Ok, they’re grainy, but… what do you want for nothing? …a rubber biscuit?



2 Responses to “The man who works with animals.”

  1. Andrea said

    I too was in Leicester Square on Saturday evening and saw all the Santas! quite surreal. especially when they started chanting: “What do we want? Christmas! When do we want it? Now!”

  2. […] year I bumped into the mass Santas, by accident, in Leicester Square. You can see me with them here. This year I bumped into the mass Santas, by accident, in Trafalgar […]

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