Don’t leave candles by a radiator.

December 14, 2008

If there are benefits to getting old, and overall, it’s unlikely, but if… one of them is being able to hand over hard-earned wisdom to the young. Today I learned not to put candles by a radiator. Well, one that’s on anyway. Do I expect the young to take note of this? Frankly, no. To be even franker, if the young have candles they should be taken out and shot. I didn’t start buying candles until I was 33.

So here’s my advice to those younger and in need of candle guidance. Jesus, John Belushi, and Bruce Lee all died at the age of 33. This can’t just be coincidence. So, if you make it past 33, go ahead, buy candles. just don’t put them next to radiators. That are on.

Do I follow my own advice? No. After discovering the wilted candles I’ve put them back in the same place. Just to see what happens next.


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