Sinister Sign No.3

December 13, 2008

It may come as no surprise that Sinister Sign No.3 comes from the same area as Sinister Signs nos. 1 and 2. Which makes for a very sinister place indeed… or a barely attended outdoor police museum in Prague. But let’s not think like that. After all, what is an outdoor police museum? And if such a thing existed, why didn’t an attendant demand money off me, or, at least, offer a leaflet? No attendants. No attendees. No leaflets. No collection boxes. Just signs. Sinister ones. Pointing to wrong-doing and malevolent behaviour.

Take this sign of an evil devil-child leading an innocent simpleton to his inevitable doom. The man is clearly a innocent abroad- for when you are this simple-minded the whole world is another country. Easily led in his ill-fitting Rainman-like suit and Tati-esque titfer, the mittened devil-child, complete with radar helmet takes him to the now disused ghost school, where the spirits of long-dead orphans eat at his very soul.

or just take care when crossing roads and hold the hands of the young ‘uns.

The choice is yours. But, one final point; if it was as innocent as all that, why no zebra crossing beneath their feet? And why the abandoned police car? Have the police; the only ones we can turn to and trust in times of great crisis; also been led astray by the Daughter of Darkness? This is too serious a matter to speculate on, and so I will provide you with the answer. Yes!

Or no. Or maybe.


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