Sinister Sign No.2

December 5, 2008

sign-2Ok, maybe not so sinister. At least, not as sinister as Sinister Sign No.1. But then this is a short-lived series, and I wanted to start with a good one and end with a good one, so maybe the one in the middle has to be just so-so.

But even so, look at him, with his hat, his mittens (maybe), and his unnaturally curvy walk. And he’s walking in a left direction. Certainly sinister.

And look at the building behind with its cracked and peeling facade. When walls are neglected in such a way any sane person would come to the same conclusion; this is a building where murder takes place, and then the corpses are eaten.

Look out for Sinister Sign No.3, sometime in the future. And remember, just because a sign says walk, it doesn’t mean you have to.

2 Responses to “Sinister Sign No.2”

  1. Andrea said

    he’s clearly walking across a giant piano keyboard. and clearly he’s therefore the guy in that scene in ‘Big’.

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Yes, I did wonder that too. It’s none other than Robert Loggia.

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