November 28, 2008

That’s how many photos I’ve just looked through to realise that some have gone for ever, never to return. And even then, the same ones kept cropping up over and over again, all wrongly named and labelled. Damn digital photography. What’s wrong with a bunch of crappy old snaps stuffed in a box? I think I’ve only got about 20 photos, each one repeated over a thousand times. Still, at least this one survived.


Update on 2nd December. Thank you Katie at ShinyKatie for pointing all of her Twitter friends in the direction of this truly shocking photo. I have only met Mr Mallett once… here, in this photo, at Radio One. And guess what? He didn’t say Boff and he didn’t say Utterly Nutterly. We just sort of, you know, chatted, like grown men! Honestly. He didn’t hit us on the head with a spongey mallet and we didn’t force him to Swing his Pants. Shocking, but true. The Utterly Nutterly Boff stuff… and whisper this… but it could possibly be just an act.


3 Responses to “27,861”

  1. Jason said

    Does Timmy shop at Quasimodo’s ?

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Damske panske Boff!

  3. Jason said

    My Czech online translator site only recognises the word panske as `chambermaid.’ How utterly nutterly

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