Pool Nicknames (and spot the reds and yellows)

November 27, 2008

pool-1 pool2

Quick! Before looking too carefully at these two pics, cover the one on the right and see if you can tell which balls are red and which are yellow. if you play pool to Workd Rules, you’ll know anyway. If you play pool to World Rules and don’t know, leave this blog at once!

This photo was taken a while back, but I think the hands belong to Andy Law. Or rather Andy “I am the” Law. Everyone in the world of pool has to have some kind of a nickname or else they’re off the team. Maybe. I’ll do some research into this and come back with full team nicknames, for our team, JFK Rejects, next week. You can look forward to finding out more about Tricky Dicky, the Danish, et al. Al’s not much of a player, he never turns up. And when Andy is ahead in a game it is obligatory for someone to call out “Come on Andy, lay down the law.” Reading this, don’t you wish you were on our pool team?

For the record, my nickname is The Stick. And also for the record, on Tuesday we had another marvellous 9-3 win against Nolan’s. I won one, lost one, which was a shame, but there you go.

Feel free to leave comments suggesting what your nickname would be, if you played pool too.


3 Responses to “Pool Nicknames (and spot the reds and yellows)”

  1. So why are you ‘The Stick’? Do you stick to stuff? Do you stick to the pool table? Are you made of velcro?

    I would like my pool nickname to be The Chick. Then we could be The Stick and The Chick.

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Cool. And now a serious answer. Stick is my pool cue. And what the Americans call a pool cue. Also at school I was called Sticky, because I was stick thin. So, I reworked it for pool purposes. Many years ago I was The Main Stick, but I can’t claim that now when there are so many better pool players than me. So, Simon “The Stick” Hickson.

  3. Simon Hickson said

    Oh, and yes, I am made of velcro, and I do try and stick to the pool table, in the sense of not letting my opponent get anywhere near it.

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