National Close All Cafes Day

November 23, 2008


On a grim Sunday when I have to leave the house to go in search of food I always head to Green Cafe. It’s meant to be open til 3 on Sunday, but sometimes, it just isn’t. Today it was closed. So, there’s nothing I can do about it, no point in getting upset, just head to Kozy Cafe. That too was closed. And so I decided it must be National Close All Cafes Day. Sure, Central Cafe, down in Lewisham was open; but there’s always going to be one cafe owner who didn’t get the reminder in the post, or chooses to take cafe law into their own hands.

So I got some food. Other folk would have some food in, or go to the shops. But I’m just not that organised.

Next time I find myself in a fix like this, I’m not going to take it lying down. I’ll take legal action. I’ll head to the solicitors and… oh, they’re closed too. Still, there’s always the chippy. Doh! Miserable rainy sunday afternoon. Back to decorating.



One Response to “National Close All Cafes Day”

  1. Andrea said

    see, now, that’s why ‘Open All Hours’ would never be made by the BBC today.

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