I pretend to be male beauty journalist

November 21, 2008

bulldogedit21In a move that might shock those that know me, I today become a la-di-da male beauty journalist, writing about these products for greenmystyle.com. And I think I got away with it. Ha! You can read my male grooming wisdom here.

greenmystyle.com is a “daily eco glossy magazine devoted to the most stylish ethical fashion, beauty and home styles”. And it was founded by, and is edited by, my very good friend Sarah. Sarah looks after my cat Tess for me. I can’t have a cat where I live now. Prison.

Go and look at the site. It’s excellent. And it’s a 100% wind powered. Well done Sarah, how do you manage that? I hope Tess isn’t involved.

5 Responses to “I pretend to be male beauty journalist”

  1. Andrea said

    ha! I love the review. more please! perhaps you can pretend to be a lady beauty journalist next?

  2. Simon Hickson said

    Happily. Sarah titled the piece “We don’t do toxic nasties”, referencing my Going Live!/ Live and Kicking days when Trev and me would have catchphrases which started off with “We don’t do…” You name it; perms, discs, duvets. Well, my new catchphrase is “I do do…” and not just so I get to say “doo doo”.

  3. Andrea said

    so tell us: what do you do?

  4. Simon Hickson said

    I’ll have a go at almost anything. But of course, I won’t compromise my principles. But I will do anything for money. or sex. or sweets. or beer. or fun. That kind of thing. This and that.

  5. […] 29, 2008 After trusting me to write a piece on toiletries for men for her daily eco glossy website, greenmystyle.com, my friend Sarah asked me to write some stuff on […]

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