Manchester City’s Robinho doesn’t miss the bus

November 20, 2008


Yes! Robson de Souza, Manchester City’s £140,000 a week maestro gets the bus to go shopping at the Trafford Centre. Once there, he nips into Primark and buys a £2 T-shirt, a different colour each week. Only kidding; there isn’t a Primark in the Trafford Centre. He then gets the bus back to his 5 Star hotel.

Oh, Robinho, you’ve gone and spoilt it now. if a Premier Inn’s good enough for Lenny Henry surely it would do for you too. And U2. (Sorry, I couldn’t help that; it’s like some kind of Tourette’s thing).

Anyways, Robs, here’s hoping you don’t have to wait too long for your buses. You know the old saying. Buses, like your goals, tend to come in threes.

I’m celebrating your bus use with a picture of the total eclipse of the moon. Not sure why. Something to do with Blue Moon maybe? Even though it’s red. And it looks a bit like a football.

Read more about Robinho’s bus adventures here. Oh, and please beat Arsenal on Saturday.


One Response to “Manchester City’s Robinho doesn’t miss the bus”

  1. […] only days after we find out that the most expensive footballer ever ever in the universe uses the bus, it’s revealed that he is learning English by watching Coronation Street. A source reveals […]

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