Tonight it’s Pool Night

November 18, 2008


I play in a pool league. The Waterloo Pool League. And Tuesday night is match night. The team I play for is called the JFK Rejects. Our Home venue is a club called JFK’s in Peckham. They have another team called JFK’s and the players on that team deemed us rejects because we weren’t good enough to play alongside them. It was meant as an insult, but in true NWA style we removed the insult by appropriating the name and wearing it with pride. Do we win? Occasionally.

JFK’s used to be called Churchill’s. Back then it was a snooker hall. It was taken over, turned into a pool hall, and changed its name to JFK’s. I once commented to the owner on how I liked that; Churchill’s, oh so British and snooker based, and then becoming JFK’s like an American pool hall. He looked at me, puzzled. He called it JFK’s because that’s his name, John Kelly. I don’t know what the F stands for, so you’ll have to take a guess.

Above is our captain, Tony Bailey. This is him in action at Great Yarmouth. He plays for his National team, the West Indies. He is also my mentor; taking time and patience to teach me not only how to hold a cue etc., but also the intricacies of World Rules… if you just play pool in the pub every now and then World Rules will make your brain explode.

Tonight we play Wooosh! So called, I believe, because every time they do well they all go “Wooosh!”

Six player on each team. Six games, a break where the pub provides food, then another six games.

We’ve lost our last three matches; to JFK’s, the Jacks, and the Rat Pack. The top three teams in the league. We’re currently fifth out of eight. Tonight we will win. So, to paraphrase The Soup Nazi, “No Wooosh for you!”

12.31am Wednesday morning. Phew! No Wooosh for them. We lost the first two games, not a good sign. But overall we won 9-3! Hurray! And I won both my games! Hurray again. The Rejects are back! Well done team.


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