The gift that never stops giving

November 18, 2008


What’s this? A jar full of bits of paper? Well, yes. Coloured bits of paper, each one with a message. Or rather, a reason; reasons from the giver of this gift as to why they are a friend of mine.

I was given it last Christmas. And I was given it with instructions. Each day I can open it and read one reason. Then it goes back in, and the day after that I can have another go.

So here’s the thing; the reasons go on for ever. Let’s say there’s fifty in there; that doesn’t mean that on day 50 I’ll have read them all. Sometimes I might read the same one three days in a row. Some days I might forget to read; or not feel like it. One thing I’ve never done; read more than one a day. And I’ve not kept a record or chart or graph to know when logically I must have read them all.

So, I will never know when I have read them all. I could read one a day for the next fifty years and there could be one small reason, hidden away, somewhere in that airtight jar.

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